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Company profile

Měď Povrly a.s. is a traditional supplier of rolled and pressed products made from copper and brass. It is one of the major companies in Ústi Region. We are the only manufacturing company. Our exclusive business representative is Metalimex a.s., which is commercially active in domestic and global markets. Our products are exported to the 25 countries. Currently, the company employs 220 people.

Company Bodies:

Board of Directors Měď Povrly a.s.
Chairman of the Board Ing.David Kozel
Vice Chairman of the Board Ing. Tomáš Mergl
Member of the Board Ing. Martin Syrůček
Supervisory Board Měď Povrly a.s.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ing. Petr Otava
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ing. David Bečvář
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board                                                                                  Ing. Daniel Trnka
Management of Měď Povrly a.s.
Executive director Ing. David Kozel
Chief Financial Officer Ing. Martin Syrůček
Treasury manager Ing. Tomáš Mergl
Technical supervisor Ing. Miroslav Roško
Quality manager Bronislav Housa
HR Manager Ing. Tomáš Bim